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ASUS ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming CPU Over Voltage Jumper Function Question

Level 9

The manual states that the default position of this "CPU Over Voltage Jumper" is in positions 1&2 (Disabled) . If you place the jumper in position 2&3 (Enabled) it will set a higher CPU voltage for Overclocking? Now does that mean if you boot up in the Enabled position that it automatically applies a higher voltage to the CPU or does that mean that it ALLOWS you to apply a higher voltage to the CPU via BIOS Configuring?


Level 9

I suppose this is not a simple question, Im surprised no one has chimed in at this point?

Hello Fakum

Enabling the overvoltage jumper shouldn't apply more voltage, it should let you use higher voltages.

Enable for extreme overclocking, for normal use and mild overclocking let this disabled.



hola, a mi board le falta este jumper, es posible que sin este jumper el sistema no arranque ?

debe estar en cualquiera de las 2 pocisiones para poder que arranque ?