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Asus Ranger 7: Can't roll back to previous BIOS version

Level 7
Hello. Asus Ranger 7 user here.

I recently had to update to the latest bios available for this board, which is a beta bios btw, and found out later it is the one with that microcode for the specter thing and all that crap, which apparently causes my hard drives to run slower than it should among other things. I don't want to use this bios and would like to roll back to the previous version, but neither the built-in utility in the bios allows me to do it (it doesn't find the bios file located in my desktop), nor the flash method you can use with the rig shut down will allow me to do this too, which btw was the method I used to update to this last bios.

Does anyone know why I can't roll back to a previous bios version?