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Asus rampage iv overclocking

Level 7
i was trying to overclocking my cpu doing it myself instead of using one of the profiles..

i was using the gaming profile before but the memory speed goes from 2400 to 1333 i dont want that.

so i did follow the easy guide on here and all and i started going with 43 all cores but when i press f10 and save and restart pc keeps restarting like few times and then says overclocking failed go to UEFI and stuff like that..

help please, what am i doing wrong ?

CPU 3960 I7 extreme edition (using XMP right now which my cpu 3.9 and memory 2400mhz )
Motherboard asus rampage iv Extreme
Sli Titan Hydrocopper
power supply Evga Supernova Nex 1500
Ram 4x8gb = 32gb corsair Dominator 2400MHZ
and i have a good custom loop

Level 7
Any help regarding my problem please ?

Hello CiNCiTy

If you have a custom loop, on the extreme tweaker tab set the vcore to 1.30v and try the core ratio at 43.

Install ROG realbench to test for stability and run only the stress test.

If you don't have a cpu temp monitoring program install real temp 3.70

You can install ROG cpu-z to monitor the cpu core voltage.

Open up all three programs and run the realbench stress test and monitor your cpu temps with real temp, you can monitor cpu-z to see how close the voltage is staying to 1.30v.

If you pass the stress test raise the cpu core ratio to 44 and test again, if you pass try 45 and test again. See how far you can get with 1.30v,

If the temp goes over 90c stop the test immediately, post the maximum temps real temp is showing please.

Level 7
i havent tried 1.30v so far but i tried 1.250 and it was the same my pc keeps restarting and then overclocking failed, i will try 1.30 but i dont think the problem on vcore volt only right or what do u think ?

Level 10
could be your IMC. try setting RAM at 1600 MHz and try again.

maybe offsetting CPU skew might help? i dunno.

Watercooling FTW :cool:

"essentially one of the most hardcore overclocking motherboards ever made."