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Asus Rampage IV Extreme Cpu fan problem

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I just bought today my pc and i discovered the hardway that the intel 4820 2011 Box processor doesn't come with a stock fan,
also that i have to do a little research before buying one because of my ram sticks(kingston Hyper Beast 2400 4x4 gb kit) being tall.
My question to you is :WHAT CPU FAN SHOULD I GET (air or liquid doesn't matter as long as it is silent).
My specs are:
MOBO:Asus rmapage exteme IV
Cpu:Procesor Intel® CoreTM i7 4820K IvyBridge, 3.700MHz, 10MB, Socket 2011, Box
Ram:kingston Hyper Beast 2400 4x4 gb kit
Ssd:intel 240 GB
power:Thermaltake 730 w
Video Card:Asus nVidia GeForce GTX780, 3072MB, GDDR5, 384bit, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E
Case:Thermaltake Chaser A71

Level 14
here is a couple pics of closed loop coolers mounted in top of the case ( 2x 120 fan slots coolers )

meshure from roof of case and down and add 25mm ( ticknes of the fans ) and you see if you hit enny obsticles.
large air coolers = will have problem whit ram if the cooler of the rams are high.
the closed loop coolers you have no problem to mount that i know of.
from corsair you have the single fan coolers from H90 ( 1x 120mm ) and down or the dual fan slot one from H100 ( 2x 120mm )and up to H110 ( 2x 140mm ), they have a new one out now witch is named H105 witch is ticker then the H100 and 110 cooler.

there are other closed loop coolers too but this is the ones that popped up in my head now.

Level 16
Yes, I think the easiest way to avoid cooler/RAM clearance issues is to go with an AIO cooler... those Corsair ones kkn was mentioning are a good start... If you want to spend time, you could look on pictures and videos around the net to see if someone has similar mono/RAM setup with an air cooler...

If I see correctly the Kingston HyperX Beasts are 46.41mm tall...