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Asus Rampage iV Black edition slow in windows 8

Level 9

Have a strange problem, I had an Asus motherbord for my 2011 intel 3.6Mhz processor.
Everything worked fine, nice flow in browsers etc..:

Now I have installed an Asus Ramepage IV with sam processor etc... Alla drivers, chipset, Windows 8... (Not 8.1)
And things feels sooo damn slow, like a little LAG when starting chrome, enter a webpage etc.

It also feels like windows start slower than my other Asus board. I use SSD drive. Samsung Pro.

On my other board P9X79 it felt fast, smooth, it took like 1-2 second from windoiws logo to enter login mode.
On this board it takes 3-4 seconds. The installation is clean. I also tried to uppgrade to windows 8.1 but that really increased the problem. slow boot, opening games like WoW was like loading from a ordinary Hardrive, the FPS was like 8-24. So I reinstalled windows to just 8 and got 40-45fps in WOW in cities.

Anyone having this problem as well?

Updated bios, windows 8 with chipset drivers from Asus page, latest Nvidia drivers (GTX 680 card).

It feels like it all started as soon I installed Ai Suite 3, but not sure. I have that one on performance level and if I turn it downs to away mode etc no different beside 3 of my fans stop because of silence mode.

32 Gb quadra RAM
3.6 Mhz LGA 2011 Intel (tried to boost it to 4.3Mhz but no different in performance).

Any clue?

Best, Johan

Level 16
Welcome to the ROG Forum!

The RIVE and the RIVBE are the top of the LGA2011 platforms - but they're build for OC'ing... you do have to spend a lot of time to learn them, they have so many options for settings...

The one thing really makes systems to be felt fast is the SSD. You've said that you have a clean install, but do you also have a clean SSD too? There are some setting you need to make in order to speed up SSD... also, pay attention to their load - if you fill up an SSD more than 50-60%, they will slow down drastically...

Level 40
Please have a look on your motherboard to see if you have the Slow mode enabled. You can test this by downloading and opening CPUz. Post up a screen shot of the CPUz application while you have load on your CPU.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 9
When I open CPID CPUz the compuer start getting slower and slower an than make my mouse not working but my keyboard but after a while the whole computer freeze. it this program, and installing USB boost drivers an logitech g400s drivers that seams to **** up my computer.

Level 9
did a Windows memory test (don't have a usb at the moment for memtest...) but that one did say no errors found on memory so I guess that's not the problem either.