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Asus OC Panel problem.

Level 9
Hi guys. i wanted to try OC panel it works fine shows temps, voltage, until i press fan button on OC panel. My PC crash (hard reset) and i was welcomed by error go to bios to recover. So i did. and everything look ok. so i leave and notice that OC panel show 0,1V on CPU i start HWinfo and that shows 0,1V too. so i panicked. Restart PC load default bios settings and now HWinfo and OC panel work fine. So i set bios as it was before i press that button. But for some reason my PWM fan hub from my Phanteks enthoo lux case not working fans are stuck at 100% and Vcore voltage from 1.280V increse to 1.3V and i still have set all as it was before i press that damn button.i don't know if anything else except that Vcore and fan hub is wrong. Because i only notice these two for now. So did i somehow broke my MB ? i dont know what to do now. curse that damn OC panel

CPU 7700k
MB z270 Apex
2x8GB ram
GTX 1080Ti