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Level 7
Hi, I have a couple questions regarding the ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORUMULA, and cpu cooling. I would like to know if a CoolerMaster v8 CPU cooler will fit on this board, or if the backplate is in the way.

Also, I realize this is an ASUS board, but I was hoping someone here could also answer these questions as well..
1. I've read that 1155 socket CPU coolers have the same alignment as the newer 1150, can anyone confirm this?
2. Given that the v8 cooler will actually fit in this board, will CORSAIR Vengeance Pro (2x4GB) be able to fit under the cooler?
3. I actually can't seem to find the Cooler Master v8 on any online retail stores... Was it discontinued for some reason? (I realize it is from around 2008 :p) If it is no longer made, I'll try scouting around Ebay for one. I really like the aesthetics of the cooler.

Thanks guys.

Again, great info dude. However I'm curious about the whole lawsuit thing - I live in the US, so is there no way for me to buy one?

Level 10
oh you still can, loopholes lol, i live in the us as well

the proper way to legally buy the item, since the lawsuit says it cant be sold in american stores

is to buy it from a store not based in america yet still has warehouses for shipping located here

perfect example is where i bought mine from, NCIX, its a canadian company totally based in canada, but it also has warehouse in the US and has an internet store for the US, so technically i bought mine from canada yet didnt have to wait forever for it cause theres a warehouse in the next state over and i also paid american for it cause i went thru there NCIX.US site

but depending on when your going to be actually building as i said either sometime this year or next swiftech will be coming back to the states, altho even then they wont be able to sell the H220 or H320 here, they have a new one i believe its the H220x and they probly have a H320x, i cant remember if that the names they settled on cause they do have custom water loop kits that have very close names, but basically they redesigned the H series so the lawsuit wouldnt apply anymore

i think the whole lawsuit things garbage, sounds like a monopoly to me lol that anatech or whatever company makes the all in one coolers for all the american companies, yet when swiftech stepped in with a better design (100% Copper) among other things they sue them into being unable to sell it here, which technically is like them trying to make is so only anatech coolers can be purchased in the US=Monopoly scheme lol
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 7
Ok sweet. The Canada store is even offering 30$ off, until the 25th.
Also, I plan to have all the parts bought by sometime this summer.

You said you had the 320? Do you know if the installation is basically the same process as the Corsair's 110?

dont mean to double post but just had to say i like the way your handling your build, alot of users, especially ones on there first few times building jump right in and just buy stuff then there on here or another forum trying to figure out why it wont work only to find there not compatible and a simple google search would have saved them and everyone else loads of time

so its nice to see your doing research and getting feedback and all that

second part id like to add as its just usually smart to do, im not sure of your budget of like if your going to buy everything at once or get a bunch here and then a bunch there

but if your not buying it all at the same exact time id suggest you get the booting basics
Case (optional really)
Ram (doesnt even have to be the ram your gonna go with just something compatible thatll allow the os install)
HDD or SSD (doesnt have to be the one your going to use just on to install the os to so u can boot)
Optical Drive or flash for OS install
The OS itself

that way when you get them delivered or when u get home with them you can build and boot the pc to test all things you just purchased so you can then make use of the 30 day return most places have if anything happens to be broke or defective, which happens sometimes

if your getting it all at once that shouldn't really be an issue
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 10
im all ansty of here cause i dont have it yet lol should be here in 1-4 hours lol

similar setup except the swiftech uses better mounts, the swiftech backplate is 100% metal with nuts built in so it shouldnt strip out like some other coolers can

also swiftech radiator is all copper with brass tubing, better for the heat compared to other companies using aluminum and nickel

and swiftechs mounting system is supposed to have what they call a bottom out point, meaning you cant really overtighten it, its has a set point where the screw just wont turn anymore, id still be careful tho i wouldnt trust the oh you can never overtighten it till i see it myself lol

install of all of them is similar, if your case has a cutout, easy, backplate(comes with sticky pads so you can stick it right to the back of the board), mount radiator, mount block, plug in fans and block and go lol

my for example, i gotta go a lil further, i got the HAF 932 Advanced, really dug the case, like i just wanted it no other options lol, case supports mini-atx, atx, and extended atx so i was like my boards atx everythings good, forgot to take into account that the case isnt new its an older model and the location of cpu's has slightly changed a bit in recent years so my cutout is worthless like totally not even near it lol i see 1 screw from the cooler thru the cutout, so mine is going to entail me removing the entire board so i can get the backplate on lol

i almost forgot swiftech also gives you a 8-way fan splitter for free in the box, how you set that would really be up to you, just know that the controller is PWM able but only the one with a red cap will report back to the mother board

i personally will probly need it just for the fans on the radiator, the block/pump itself i plan to plug right into the main cpu fan header, normally i probly wouldnt even use it but since im not overclocking yet or anything i just dont feel like bios editing the fans ad such right this second so i could run it without the splitter but once i begin overclocking i may do that and use the splitter on case fans, but then again im also planing on a lamptron fan controller so i probly will end up not needeing it in a few months lol
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 7
Sorry to jump in but I am running Corsair Link and AIsuite3 on windows 8.1 and a Formula VI. I do not use AI to overclock I use the bios but even when both are opened no crashes. I believe it is mostly people using more then just a CPU cooler which are having problems.
I really like the idea of adding a GPU block and also running through the VRM block have been thinking since I built it maybe I could do that with my setup, H100i. I should have done more research and bought the Swiftech system. Thanks Tokens210 for posting some really good information on closed loop water cooling. The alternative to closed loop is very expensive.

Level 10
yea, only reason i went closed loop myself is to save $$ but down the road i may try my hand in custom loop

you technically could do it with your h100i but it would void warrenty and would require you to custom modify it which id be no help with but you could probly find online

as for the programs, youve had no crashes yet lol, setting all overclock thru bios will help some but the main issue is both ai suite and corsair link try to use the same things, both try to monitor the exact same sensors and both have ability to control fan headers, trying to open both at once will usually cause issue but just having both installed also can because they bump heads if u will over the devices and sensors

also having multiple programs that can read temps usually cause them to all show different temps, usually pretty close to another but still different

by all means tho if it aint broke dont fix it lol id just say keep it in your mind in case your get strange readings or strange behavior that instead of hardware being to blame it may be the software finally catching up to it

and thx you for the thx, i tried to do all research for my build way in advance lol i originally planned this build a few years ago, actually the Maximus 4 line had literally just come out lol but my budget fell thru due to life problems so i finally decided enough was enough im treating myself lol probly planned, replanned, researched and re researched everything a dozen times a piece and even still my current build isnt totally done and im currently doing the same type of research now on the next parts i may be getting

perfect example originally i was going to get a corsair cooler cause swiftech didnt even appear on the list of anything i searched, thankfully i found that linustechtips, paulshardware, and oc3dtv all did all in one cooler reviews - showdowns and i saw it and began the research lol

was also originally planning on a sandisk extreme 2 cause i saw many things saying it was designed to handled loading and unloading of things more like a hdd then an ssd, which would equal longer life if you had things that taxed an ssd like your web browser on it, but i posted here and someone suggested the Samsung evo series so i searched that and there listed as one of the top ssd's available, not to mention if you see ppl with there builds in the sig then more ppl have those in there builds then anything else so bang that got changed
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 10
k, so done lol H320 came and is now installed and running in the system, i used GC-Extreme instead of the TIM-Mate2 they sent with the unit, actual manual that comes with it is for a H220 lol guess since there pretty much identical except rad size and 1 more fan they wanted to save some $$ themselves i can dig it lol

install was pretty easy even tho i had to take my board out lol which you wont as long as the tray cutouts big enough lol

since the backplates are identical as well and we have the same board i can already say this tho, your gonna have to flex the backplate a bit, the backplate for the CPU holding system is a little on the thick side which is good but causes a see-saw effect when trying to install the backplate

was simple fix tho take thumb and finger from both hands and hold opposite corners of the backplate and flex it a tiny tiny amount, rinse and repeat that till it sits nicely with the four holes lining up and no more see-saw lol

it does in fact have a bottom out system where at a certain point the screws on the block portion will just stop so it cant be overtightened

the splitter cant be controlled really tho in my setup atleast, im only using the splitter for the rad fans and i have no adjustment threw fan expert 2, they just run at 1500rpm all the time which im cool with for now, their a little louder then the coolermaster fans that came with the case but again im ok with that for now

ive seen ppl saying online that the pumps on them are crazy loud but currently i cant hear it, the fans are a little loud as i said so the woosh sound of air moving is all i really hear lol

since the pumps hooked to the cpu header i do have full control of that, has a range of 1100rpm to 3000rpm on fan expert, i have it currently sitting at around 1800-2000rpms, and even tho i havent allowed the time to cycle the paste yet coming from the stock intel cooler with the stock pre applied paste which idled at 23-32C sometimes even up to 36C, now idle is 20-25C with an occasional 30C when the CPU speed jumps up quickly, which is nice but again i still gotta cycle the paste a bit and allow all to settle
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Advanced/ Maximus VI Formula/ I7-4770K/Swiftech H320/ Corsair HX850/ G.Skill Trident X (2x8) 16gb 2400MHz/ 2x 840 EVO 120gb(Raid 0)/ WD 1TB HDD (Backup/Storage)/ EVGA GTX 1gb 560 TI/ Asus 12x bluray combo

Level 7
^ In reply to your other posts:
Yeah I want to make sure I get the components right the first time, so there isn't any compatibility issues, and so I have all hardware to fit my needs. (mostly gaming, so wants really :P) And, even if I wanted to, I don't have the money saved up yet to just jump the gun and buy buy buy. I figure it would be hella easier on me, being a first time builder, to research a bit on the parts I plan on getting, including how to install them, performance, etc...
I've watched tons of videos on building PC's, not to mention the reviews of parts, and I think I got the gist of it down. I'm also going with a rather large case, and like you, this is a case I set my eyes on and absolutely loved it. The case is the CoolMaster Stryker, so that should give a noobie like me plenty of room to work-around. One problem I'm having is deciding the color of the case. I really like the look of the white case with hints of black, but CM also offers a black version, the Trooper. Seeing as I'm planning my build to fit a red/black color scheme, I'm not too sure how white cases with red and black innards look. I have even thought about painting the inside black, but I don't know..
Anyway, the case does have a back panel cutout to access the underside of the motherboard, so I shouldn't have any problems in that aspect.

Good point buying the essentials first, that is what I will be doing. It will run about $1k.
Even though I need new ones pretty bad, I'll probably hold off on peripherals for a while. And the most expensive part of the build, the GPU. The integrated graphics with the CPU is probably better than my current anyways, lol.
I'm really hoping I can get enough money saved in just a couple of months, and who knows, maybe by then some prices will have dropped. :cool:

There will be a 780 6 gb vram soon and a 780 ti 6gb vram to follow May/June

GTX 780 to 6GB Update: 6GB GTX 780 Ti incoming aswell!