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Asus Maximus Hero XI Wifi XMP 1 or XMP 2?

Level 8
Hey Guys,

I recently built a computer with the Hero XI wifi motherboard, 9900k and 32gb (2x16gb) Tridentz at 3200mhz.

When I go into the BIOS to select an XMP profile I have two to choose from (XMP 1 and XMP 2). I was just wonder what other people selected that have similar builds to me.


Level 10
i have 2 systems aith Maximus XI Code and Extreme mobos, and the differene I found with the 2 xmp profiles is marginal to difficult to tell in real world apps. xmp 2 is ASUS's tweaked version of xmp compared to xmp1 [aka XMP] which is the standard across all mobo manufacturers im terms of ram timings, so i believe. However, you always need to try each yourself because in the end it is all up to the silicon and other components that our builds are made up from, and they all differ.

Level 8

It depends , is your memory in the Asus QVL (cpu and memory support list) ? If it is then their settings (xmp 1) would probably be better, else choose xmp 2.

for example: i have 2 x 16gb corsair rgb pro memories, according to the website it's called CMW32GX4M2D3600C18, i searched it in my motherboard's QVL (memory/cpu support) website which is and it was in the list. so i use XMP 1

also this is what asus said in their manual:

XMP I: If you install memory modules supporting the extreme memory profile (X.M.P) technology choose this item to load the DIMM's Default xmp memory timings (CL, TRCD, TRP, TRAS) with BCLK frequency and other memory parameters optimized by asus

XMP II: If you install memory modules supporting the extreme memory profile (X.M.P) technology, choose this item to load DIMM's complete default XMP Profile