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Asus Maximus Extreme VI broken pin

Level 7
Hi all
I just have a question in regards repairing of broken pins. Do ASUS repair broken pins for a charge?

Basically, when changing the water cooler on my system, I accidentally damaged the pins on the motherboard. Of course i understand that it is not covered under warranty and it's tough **** to me. I've contact customer service and my understanding is that they don't repair these for a charge. It's just when I've been looking up about this I found a web page that indicated to me that they possible do repair them (for a charge of course).
So i just want to know if it is possible and if so what is the charge.

Hello padriac and welcome

Sorry to hear you're having problems.

They should be able to replace the socket for you but it will cost you about 150.00 u.s. dollars on top of shipping costs.

It might be easier to just get a new board.