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Asus mars 760 release date.

Level 7
Any releas date on the Asus Mars 760?

Level 40
Hey Alton.....nothing official as far as I know and at best you'll get a "soon" here. End of Jan coming is best unofficial guess at the mo...

However I've heard it's more expensive than two single cards and will perform worse than SLId cards so not really sure where the attraction is unless you are low on PCIe slots. Also you can SLI 4GB cards and the 760 only has 2GB per core....

Hi Arne, I understand what your saying, if it had 4 gb memory per gpu, then that would be a different story. The price is what matters the most in case. Looks like some impressive technology though! I've been searching for the best deal. Obviously my 570s are based on old technology. I want to purchase 2 decent cards (also considering Asus R9290x g running in crossfire as well) so I'm good for a few years.
I'll keep searching! Thanks for responding!

Level 7
According to newegg - release of 1/14. Price is $650.
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Hey Martin; I just checked out your link. Looks like a really nice card. I was waiting! Day late, dollar short though! I just purchased the asus dc oc2 gtx 780! Thanks for the input though!

Level 7
And that's probably a much better purchase.