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Asus laptop how to set u disk boot bios settings tutorial

Level 7
The first step: we first U disk plugged into a laptop's USB interface, (Note: Do not connect via a USB extension cable to laptop) plug U disk to restart the computer. We continuously when the computer starts press the Del key or F2 key or F and a few enter the BIOS setup screen.

Step Two: We commonly Asus laptop BIOS as an example, if you set your own item has some difference correction. Select "Boot" menu under "Hard Drive BBS Priorities", some laptops may display the "Hard Disk Drives".

The third step: selecting this option, we can see that there are multiple boot device, where the sort order of precedence determines the boot, Boot Option # (x): numbering starts at 1, the more the smaller the boot priority high, and then we choose to go to the U disk (usually Kingston U disk, then display the device name as: USB: Kingston) press the Enter key to select the U have been identified and then press the Enter key.

Step Four: We press "ESC" key to return to the previous screen, select "Hard Drive BBS Priorities". The "1st Boot Device" is set to your U disk, in this case "USB: Kingston".

Step Five: Press the F10 key (part of Asus notebook is press F4 to save) to save the settings and exit. This step is especially important, oh, do not forget, or have to re coming! !

This computer will automatically save and exit BIOS then restart the computer to get into the U disk to start up! Thank you for the support U Start!