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Asus H-81 Gamer Offset option dissapears after enabling CPU ratio unlock.

Level 7
So, I'm looking to overclock my i5-4670k, but when I go to enable CPU ratio unlock in bios, the only option that remains for voltage is Auto (which basically chooses a manual voltage for you) and manual. Which would be fine, except I don't want the processor running at 1.25+ voltages when idle.

But before I enable CPU ratio unlock, there is an offset option in that same drop down, which, even though its not adaptive (thats another thing, shouldn't this board have adaptive voltage?) would be satisfactory. But when I enable CPU ratio unlock it dissapears. I have no idea why its happening.

Voltage options before enabling
Enabling ratio unlock
Offset dissapears after unlocking
Bios version
(sorry for very bad camera, the phone has a problem)

Anyone know how to stop offset from dissapearing, or even better, a way to access adaptive voltage? Thanks in advance!