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Asus Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB STRIX - Overclocking

Level 7

Week ago, I bought new GPU - Asus Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB STRIX without OC!
Now I want to overclock that "monster :)" by GPU Tweak II program.

Can You tell me, how to do it safely?
If You have my GPU, just tell how to overclock it.
I heard, that gpu can be upgraded to 1911 Mhz! It would be great, If it would work.
It would be good for me, If someone write here, his GPU Tweak II settings.

Thank You, and sorry for my English 😄

Level 15
There's a guide in my signature for overclocking the GTX 1080 but the steps are the same. 🙂

That little Strix GTX 1050 Ti is a powerhouse for sure. I have one here and managed to ge it to 2012MHz on the core. hehe

Tell me, Is It safe to set GPU Voltage to max?
The same thing with Memory Clock setting. I changed it to max, but I don't know If It can decrease my performance 😞

Can You send me Your GPU's settings? It is GTX 1050ti 4GB Strix. Program, I use - GPU Tweak II.

Thanks for reply 🙂