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Asus G7x Series - Fans force speed

Level 7
I've recently done a TIM repaste on my G73jh, the temperatures are much lower than before. But I'm wondering if it is safe to run my fans at 100% at all times. The noise won't bother me, but a heated laptop will. I know how to modify the speed. I'm just wondering whether or not the constant speed will cause the fans to break faster than allowing the laptop fans to run on auto-default speeds. Or are Asus' fans designed to run at high RPMs constantly.
This laptop will be on 7+ hours a day... In pretty hot weather (Egypt)- So, heat is an important factor for me, especially since I do play games.. On relatively high settings (BF3 - Mix High & Med/ 900p @ 30-60fps).

What do you all think? Is it a smart move to increase fan speeds to max, even on idle. Or is the tweak as dumb as overclocking a smartphone?

G.I. JOE out.