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Asus G75 power failure while gaming. Please help

Level 7
My G75vw cuts power while gaming.
Asus G75vw fs71 with Nvidia GTX 670m 3 GB
This has been getting progressively worse for about 8 months and now I can't run any game for more than a few minutes or the system cuts power. (It acts as if you had the battery removed and pulled the power plug while running.) This does not occur unless gaming. I have been troubleshooting the problem for some time via various diagnostic tools. The system is not overheating (unless hardware failure causes shut down at low temperatures)
All hardware passes. For example,
Replaced PSU
DC jack looks good (visually inspected while machine was apart)
CPU burn with MSI Kombustor and Intel diagnostic tool-pass
Fresh windows install on three separate drives, problem still persists... (Latest drivers)
(I have tried various older graphics drivers as well)
Monitored CPU and GPU temperatures via hwmonitor and MSI Afterburner... Temperatures are healthy. (Replaced thermal compound)
Ran MSI Kombustor on GPU various modes, crash did not occur…
Have tried all bios revisions
However, when you launch a game, the computer cuts power within a few minutes. This used to happen randomly. Sometimes at game start, sometimes I could play for 5 hours.

I have no doubt this is a hardware problem which lies with either the motherboard or graphics card. Any insight from the experienced or knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated.
Also, as I may replace the motherboard, do I have to use the exact part number or will any g75vw motherboard work? Any particular motherboard part numbers better built?
My Motherboard=60-N2VBM1601-B04G75VW