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Asus G75 OC safe stats

Level 8
Ok so I've owned my G75 for a month now, and I am more than satisfied with it. It's running anything I throw at it , without a single problem. I've been Oc'ing in order to get the best out of my games. Been running BF3 on ultra, 26-34 fps, crysis 2 on hardcore about the same amount of fps. However, I'm a little worried about the lifetime of my video card. I've done a lot of research, and I've ran every test possible, but nothing beats true experience. I've been running EVGA Precison, at 135+ core, 350+ mem. I do have the version with the GTX 660m Kepler, and never got over 68C ( average 63-65) the cooling here is pretty crazy for a stock laptop. BF3 did crash once, and I did get some artifacting once when messing with Precison while the game was open (changed the mem clovk to 470 or 500 don't remember exactly). So what's a very safe but powerful Oc on this Oc mOnster? The max I took it to was 135 core, 550 mem...

8gb ram
I7 3610q
Gtx 660m
1tb(crappy 5200, but upgrading to a SSD soon.)
Asus G75 BBK5

Level 14
try and post in this section, its for G75 and 55 laptopts.

Alright, thanks man...