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Asus G74Sx Battery Issue

Level 7
Back in December I bought a Asus G74Xs republic of gamers laptop and just recently about a week ago I have this issue where if I unplug the battery charger the whole laptop won't work and it'll shut off. The laptop only works if the battery charger is plugged in and it says the battery isn't charging anymore. Anyone know the problem?

Level 7
I've seen this before... on other laptops - Something is wrong with your Laptop, or the battery pack because it can't charge the battery pack.

I don't have a service manual for the G74 series... but on other laptops, it requires a new charger circuit or a new battery pack.

Since you only just bought it in December, I suggest you call or conact ASUS for repair UNDER WARRANTY information.

AS a user, there is too much that needs to be checked - and since its still under warranty, I wouldn't advise you to do anything else but to send it in for repair.

Level 7
I ran into this today hence the google search.

I unplugged it from the wall since we were having storms last night and shut the lid, so it's in hibernation and I go to use it this morning and flip it open and forget to plug it back in. No biggie and it shuts off without warning when I'm playing skyrim and I find out I never plugged it in...I plug it in and everything is supposedly fine. I look down at the charging icon and it says 24% and not charging so I unplug it and it immediately goes off. I switched plugs and unplugged my battery and put it back in and it's now @ 29% and charging. I'm going to let it get to 100% and unplug it to see what happens.

EDIT- I'm currently @ 43% and I went ahead and tested it, unplugged straight from the side of the laptop and it stayed on. I would suggest shutting it down, removing the battery and let it sit for 5 - 10 seconds and put the battery back in and switch outlets.
Asus G74SX-XT1

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