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Asus G72 - Screen went black, now won't turn on at all

Level 7

My G72 had been having problems with charging due to a faulty charger. I got a 3rd party charger (one of those with the different input types that you can use on almost any laptop) and used it. As I was using the laptop when it was about 50% charged, the screen went completely black. I moved it back and forth and tried to get the screen to come on to no avail (I'm familiar with the fact that the screen comes unplugged over time).

So anyway, I had to hold the power to turn the computer off as the screen wasn't working and I couldn't shut it down. After doing so, the laptop will now not power up at all. This is not an issue with the screen not working, it's as if there is no power in the laptop at all. I took out the battery and held the power down to do a soft reset and the problem was not fixed. Does anyone know what I might be able to do to resolve this issue?

Level 7
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