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Asus G53 Maintenance & Spare Parts

Level 7
Hi Guys;

I am using G53SW for nearly 3 years. It always worked fine for me and was a "source of pride" comparing to others 🙂 But nowadays, I feel that he is getting old. I want to take care of him and do the maintenance. I have some questions about that.

*Fans are really overheating. Especially the right one. I guess sometimes left fan is not working properly. Because it is mostly cold. I want to replace the 2 fans.
*Renewing the thermal grease? Or anything that helps the cpu keep cold?
*Sometime screen turns red. Like when you see a loose monitor connection on desktops. Is there any cable Inside for renewing?
*Also my DVD-Rom is dead for a long time. I want to renew it too. Or buying an SSD sleeve is more logical? I also a have Portable DVD-Rom.
*Can I Upgrade Ram? It is now total of 8 GB. I guess it is 4+4. Can I Use 8+8?

And the most important thing, where can I find spare parts? What else should I do to make him better? I'll appreciate if you guide me.

Best Regards

Level 13