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ASUS disabled voltage offset for Z790

Level 7

I'm trying to find a way to reduce the voltage supplied to my CPU by 0.1v . Without being able to do this, my CPU overheats in cinebench (even with a custom AIO). I see in the bios there is an area for SVID core voltage, I can set it to adaptive, but I can't actually modify the value of the offset.

I am able to lower by PC temps by setting core voltage offset in Intel's XTU or AiSuite3, but the settings don't stick after a computer restart. Can someone please explain how I can implement a global voltage offset for my motherboard/cpu from within the bios? I have an ASUS Tuf Gaming z790 Plus Wifi motherboard. I just reflashed the latest bios version and nothing has changed in regards to by ability to modify it. 

I spent a good chunk of today on live chat support and a phone call with ASUS, but nobody that work in these service departments even knows what a voltage offset is; extremely frustrating to deal with. Someone please help!