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Asus Crosshair IV Extreme with FX-8370 Vishera CPU (not POSTing?)

Level 7
Hi people,

New to the forum. Bare with me as I do not know all the "rules" yet.

For starters... This machine is nearly 4 years old. I've taken care of it all the ways I knew how to.

This passed weekend I decided to redo the water loop.

Like normal water loop maintenance, I simply drained the loop. While the machine was apart I took it upon myself to grab a Vishera CPU at Microcenter.

After redoing the loop and throwing the new CPU in... I was greeted with a non-POSTing PC!

Here are some pictures (:


Can you guys help?

I've tried everything... I think... I've ordered a new BIOS chip on EBay as some forums state that the motherboard will need some beta BIOS to run that CPU.

Oh... and... My CPU debug LED is solid red. I know that's bad and indicates a number of things... but if not the bios then what else?

Any advice would greatly be appreciated!

zettersten wrote:
New BIOS came in today and it didnt work.

I have since thrown the older CPU back into place. Upon booting I verified that the BIOS i got from Ebay was in fact the correct 3027 beta version.

Thus meaning... I 've updated my bios but the CPU still does not post!

What do I do?

A straight swap out and the new CPU does not post. Hmm two possibles, first your new CPU does is DOA, or for some reason your board does not want to play nice with the CPU.

The first option we can possibly test with another board if you know anyone? Or take the cpu to be tested at some high street PC repair shop.

Thing is there is no guarantee that the bios will work with all boards, I have not heard of many that it does not work 100% just hope yours is not the exception to the rule.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.