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ASUS auto tune never fails?

Level 7
ASUS auto TPU function never fails. I've watched it go passed 100% (100x90 or more). The temp appears to be climbing slowly, so it looks like it's doing something and the values in the bios are as outrageous as the numbers shown in the tool. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there some sort of safety switch on my setup that is causing the tuning software to continue but still limiting what it can do? (CPU voltage jumper or xmp switch?)

ASUS Deluxe II x99
Intel I7-6850k
ASUS gtx 1080 A8G
Corsair Dominator 2666 MHz 128G kit
- yes I know this is ridiculous, I have some plans for the ram.
- If I do nothing but enable XMP for the on chip profile, the system will not boot, but I expected some issues pushing the edge like this.
- boots fine in default configuration

I'm aware that I should probably be doing most of this manually, but I was hoping someone might shed some light on why the auto tuner is failing so miserably?

Level 7
Apparently I wasn't using the latest version, that's just referred to as "DIPS" on the download page for my MB.

Looks like I'm getting a stable 4.5 which is about where I should be with my setup.

I'm still confused why XMP settings aren't working, but perhaps 128G at 2666 is too much without increasing additional CPU settings? The ASUS auto enabled XMP but only runs it at 2400? I'm not sure why it does this? I'm pretty new to OC, which I'm sure is apparent already.

Just answering some of my own questions for those that may see this same issue in the future.

Don't you love how there are 40 views and nobody bothers to help? This forum is worse than Tom's Hardware. Anyway man I personally didn't have any problem with XMP on 32gb. It failed 2 or 3 times then booted right up after that. Now I don't even use XMP I have my 32gb of 3200Mhz ram manually overclocked to 3333Mhz with 1.355v. Some use the term "Memory Training" What I would do is knock it down to a stick or two. Make sure you have them in the right slots. Try and get it to boot like that and run it a few minutes restart it a couple times and slowly add in 1 or 2 more sticks at a time or take them out and swap them and try getting them all to boot with xmp in smaller arrays. Then try again with them all once you get them to boot seperately. Or try it manually and with that much ram don't be afraid to give it another five thousandths of a volt man. 1.355v will not hurt it and may be what its going to take. Assuming the sticks are rated at 1.35v like mine are. But either way .005 maybe even .010 won't hurt it. .005 definitely won't.

And I personally would not bother with anything else ASUS with your setup as in software and AUTO TUNE seriously * * *tpu is a joke * their ai suite is a joke * their one touch overclock is a joke * * *manually overclock * manually change every setting you are going to/need to change * * * xmp is fine * if you can get it to work that is * *but I stopped using it altogether and my system is rock solid besides the ridiculous heat of this Deluxe z170 that I'm going to rma today and get a new one. * Asus software and auto tune always fails * *always * its a joke *it sucks and 99 percent of all enthusiasts * true enthusiasts will tell you don't *bother with "asus" about it but their hardware. Hands down they make killer stuff hardware wise but anything past that is useless * their "pre" settings and software are crap * *even their gpu tweak nobody uses * * afterburner and precision x are the only 2 worth anything.

Michael-i7 wrote:
Don't you love how there are 40 views and nobody bothers to help? This forum is worse than Tom's Hardware.

A few of those 40 views were from me, trying and retrying to post my "help". Sorry, I stopped bothering after half a dozen repeated timeouts/errors from the forum webserver. A common occurrence here.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


So far so good. Just ran for an hour on aida64 stress test. Strange my temps don't seem that much lower than the 4.5 setup so I might try that again if it's stable with the memory at 2666. Eventually I'll get into the manual mode stuff, I just need to do a LOT More reading on what all those values mean.

The machine is super overkill ridiculous, but I'm demanding on most of my machines and only build one every 5-6 years so I tend to go a bit overboard when I do. Of course, even this system could have been more expensive. I decided against the 10 core processor and titan pascal due to the huge jump in cost from the options below them. For some reason RAM is something I've never regretted getting more of and I'm with you, the look in the case just makes me smile. I just picked up the lighting kit for mine and will be installing that here shortly.

Man I spaced that stuff I better look real fast I may be able to get a deal for the holidays. I've been wanting to do the same. I have a white/blue/silver theme going. I'll post some pics here in a min man. You should do the same. I could ramble on about tech stuff all day and look at pictures all day and be happier than heck. But definitely I wanna see it after you do that, that would be cool.

Strangely, I have had the opposite experience.....

Once I got 4 certified to run together RAM sticks (instead of the two sets of two each....even though they had the same part number).....all my problems went away and the Asus Auto tuning in Bios worked extremely well

I did use the latest version of AISuite and it also had an update to the DIP5 portion that needed to be downloaded and installed.

Level 14
The auto tune features never seem to overclock memory very well and never at XMP speeds

4.5 GHZ on BW-E is quite high really, not very many chips will do this, according to Silicon Lottery only the top 20% of chips reach 4.5 and at over 1.4 volts, reaching XMP with 128GB of RAM and a high overclock is going to take some work, read Chino's guide here

This is a member based site, issues and responses are all members either looking for answers or trying to help other members based on their experiences, if everything is a joke or crap to you maybe you should not be responding to someone looking for help

I said Asus's Software is a Joke, that is me sharing an experience that I think many will agree on. I am trying to help the man so I don't really get what you are talking about. If you don't like something I say that's fine but if you didn't notice out of the first 50 ppl to read this thread I was the first person trying to help. So telling me maybe I shouldn't respond to someone looking for help is out of line. I'm a grown adult Menthol and the biggest part of my day every day is trying to help people. I'm a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I didn't come here disrespecting you so why don't you try and do the same ya? Lets not steal this Man's thread. I made a comment about severely irritating it is to me to see 50+ reads and zero responses. I don't consider that too "Helpful" have a nice day Sir.