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Anybody have Phase Change cooling? I need feedback...

Level 12
I am also a member of EVGA forums, and a long-standing member there whom I have helped and vice-versa is now considering Asus RIVE. He presently runs a phase-change rig:
EVGA ModsRigs: "The Perfect Beast" by firerx

Currently hs has an EVGA X58 Classified mobo. He has asked me:
"I'm seriously losing any confidence EVGA can come back from the brink in this. and if I get the ASUS RIVE, Can you help a brother out on setup. this will be my first uefi board. and all the Bois update stuff looks intimidating. how the heck you know which bios you have out of the box. to decide which update to go with [.ROM/.CAP] Scares the crap out of me. Also is the phase change prep is the same as the 1366 socket?" - Robert a.k.a. firerx

So I need help answering him, since I have no experience W/extreme cooling. Could I please get some feedback from someone who owns a Rampage series mobo and is using SS PC? He also needs some assurance that he can get forum support for his future issues with his build, he is accustomed to the EVGA level of support, and in my opinion the ROG forum now rivals that - when the servers aren't down. What should I tell him (I will quote you)? Or you are welcome to log in to EVGA forums and PM him yourself.

Also, he said he had an 'issue' with joining the ROG forum, I will ask him what happened. If he has a technical issue, I will see what I (we) can do to help. I wonder if it had anything to do with the frequent ROG server downtime lately...
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Overclocking is useless to me if it is not rock stable.

Level 40
Phase on a RIVE I have done many times.

Now the easy fix for the VRMs over heating when pushed really hard with a phase unit is to use Eraser as your insulation medium. The reason for that is because eraser is a very good conductor of cold. And with a phase unit being about -40'C the VRM will benefit from the cold. You will need to pack the eraser right up to and under the heat sink. Do not remove the heat sink just push the eraser under it with a dowel stick.

Condensation is not an issue on the eraser itself I have found based on hours and hours of use in quite humid conditions.

The underside of the motherboard needs careful management as condensation will collect there. Liquid electrical tape is a must to prevent any chance of shorting - with layers of neoprene or Armaflex closed cell foam as an added layer of protection to prevent the condensation from forming.

That is pretty much it.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 16
HiVizMan, have you tried the RIVE with Phase Change and having a waterblock on the VRMs?

Level 40
Zka never needed to use the water-block due to using eraser to cool the VRM's.

Is there a specific question you are asking, say will it fit or something like that. On the formula board I used a waterblock with phase for a short burst of benching.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 16
I was just asking for the case when the waterblock is already installed... if do I need to remove it and remount the factory heatsink?