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Analog gaming Headphones for asus RIVbe

Level 7

Seeing as my MB, (asus Rampage IV Black Edition , "RIVbe") has an advanced audio chipset onboard, ive been looking for
some nice gaming headphones to use with the Motherboard's on-board audio. However most headphones that are rated well are USB based
(and thus require drivers as well as will bypass the onboard audio of my MB).

Can anyone recommend a good set of analog (3.5" headphone jack that i can plug into my MB) Headphones?

Ideally with a microphone as well.

I mainly play FPS such as battlefield 4 and really want to take advantage of the high end onboard audio of my RIVbe MB

I would really apprecate it,


Hello dough69

Here looks like a decent headset with 3.5mm jacks it has a 5 star rating from 7 users. I use the plantronics gamecom and they are the most comfortable headphones I've ever used.

You can find this one cheaper

There are a bunch if you search around for them.

Im going to give the plantronics a shot and will report back on the sound quality in games... one other question though:

Am i crazy for not going with one of the many USB based headsets that offer dolby 7.1 (fake 7.1 i know)..
my thinking is that on the RIVbe we have all this fancy onboard audio "stuff" so the only way to make use of it
is via an analog (ie a 3.5mm headphone jack type headset).

or are there users on similar MBs who have gone with a USB based headset (or even gotten a PCIe sound card and bypassed both the onboard audio and a USB headset option?)


wooo, looks like i had to cancel my order for these (the Plantronics RIG 500HC ) they are really *ONLY* for PS4 / Xbox
as the 3.5mm wire/plug does BOTH mic and Audio (which works for PS4 and xbox, but NOT for PC, you need seperate MIC
and sound 3.5mm plugs for PC)..

just wanted to update this thread..

the search continues, if anyone can suggest a headset that will work with the onboard audio of a RIVbe MB please chime in!
(ie i dont want a USB headset)


Hey sorry about that, here is the headset I have the Plantronics gamecom 380 it has the two 3.5mm audio and headphone jacks, they are plug and play no software needed.

I'm not a big fan of USB headsets either.

have u looked at Sennheiser GAME ONE? How much are u looking to spend? I own them and HD 555s they are great running on a max formula VI. They are on sale right now and its a pretty good price for them 179.99 (normally 249.99). there's also game zero ones which are the same but with closed ear design and they fold up for travel. I also believe they have a detachable cord.

The only complaint i ever hear about them is they are quite. which is true i guess i have my system sound set to 50 percent with the HD555s and to jack it up to 100 with the game ones. but i can hear all video games well and have to turn down sound in game. all apps i've used i can hear well. I guess if a youtube video has bad and low sound its a bit hard to hear thats about all really.

I'm like you, I didn't want a USB i wanted analog. Looked in to quite a few and i settled on the Sennheisers mostly cause i was spoiled by my HD 555 sound.

I tried some turtlebeaches and Creative Fatal1ty they all sounded tinny.

Level 7
Awesome! thanks alot for that recommendation.

That is a bit more than i wanted to spend, but I think im going to pull the trigger on those ( the sennhe Game One s )

Ill report back once i have them. The only headphones ive ever used are some really cheap amazon ones (like 10$) and then some 20$
in-ear headphones for listening to music. Right now for gaming i use some crappy external speakers.

so im sure i'll find any of these high end headsphones great, esp really highend ones like the Game one's

thanks again!

Level 7
Sweet, Glad to help. Come back and tell me what u think after u play with them. You love them I'm sure.

Level 7
My vote goes to the Audio Technica ADG1. Comes with a USB DAC you just leave off, and the correct 3.5mm splitter. Have no idea what they cost in the US.

There's an ADG1 which is open backed and a PDG1 which is closed backed. There's also ADG1X/PDG1X which are newer.

The original ADG1 is a very solid headset and is louder than the Sennys mentioned above. They do have the Audio Technica 'wing' style headrest which is not to everyone's taste, however they're worth trying if you're shopping around and have the money.

I use them with a RIVBE also. Good luck!

Level 7
the adg1 are 100 buck more than the sennys, and their reviews (3.8 on amazon) are worse than the sennys (4.5 amazon). I think most of the complaints are about the wing design thou and the HOLD to mute button for the mic. People didn't like the non braided cord also i guess. On one good review about the adg1 and the game one said the where the same quality if u got a inline amplifier. The ADG1 are a little cheaper on newegg but they don't have a page for them anymore? discontinued maybe? The ADG1 are the about the same price as Beyerdynamic MMX300 right now and if i was going to spend close to 300 buck i would just get the beyers and get a in line amp.

i was suprized to see the ADG1, and the beyers not above 4 stars. I know they are both great companies with above average products. At any rate i dont think may people could tell the difference between them other than the in put ohm (volume)

The Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 are more comparable to the sennys in price 170 us and features. Looks like they fixed most of the design problems. Toggle able mute, in line volume control both on the cord. it has lower input impedance also so should be louder then the sennys. Doesn't look like a braided cord thou. They look more like the sennys now the the old ADG1s. Those would be the ones i would say could beat out the sennys not enough reviews only 8 on amazon yet (4.1 stars). Once again the newegg link for them isn't working? Does newegg hate audio technica gaming headsets? The only link for a gaming headset that works is the AG1s.

Now I agree that reviews don't always get it right. Most of the bad reviews are about things people should have read about the product before buying it. the more reviews the closer the the real picture you get. Kinda like the jelly bean study.

I'm guessing the audio tech and the beyer just didn't get enough reviews to get them past the bad ones.

PS dough69 did you get them yet???? if you didn't take a look at the ATH-PDG1 too as they might be louder and the same quility. still don't like the volume/mute on the cord and it not being braided.

a lot people in "audio" industry would say that audio tech are better quality then sennys for headphones thou. gaming headsets haven't been around long enough for the gaming community to compare really