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AMD 7950X ASUS X670E Extreme stays at 5.5Ghz in Games but 5.9 in Benchmarks?

Level 7
I've started with using the PBO Curve Optimizer and it's been working very well (Vapor chiller sub ambient cooling), during CineBench R23, TimeSpy, and Prime95 most of the cores are running at 5.950Ghz and 5 cores between 5.5Ghz and 5.9Ghz. Temps, scores all very good.

However, when I test with a game/sim (Prepar3D or MSFS) not a single core goes over 5.5Ghz with several running at 4.5-5.0Ghz? Temps are very cool at 43C, throttling was never triggered.

SMT = disabled
Load-line Calibration = Level 5
DRAM Power Phase = Extreme (EXPO II 6000Mhz 30CL)
PBO Clock Override = +200
PBO Curve Optimizer = Negative 20

CineBench R23 = 2086 single core, 39378 multi-core
TimeSpy = 32005 (overall), GPU 37674, CPU 17276

Any hints why games/sims are NOT pushing my cores above 5.5Ghz when Benchmarks tools push to 5.950Ghz?