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Air or water for RAM

Level 9
I'm going to buy "Corsair Dominator DDR4 3200MHz 16GB 4x4GB, Unbuffered, 14-16-16-35, DOMINATOR®" fan included, for my new build. I have Intel 5960x, an old GTX690 (new will be bought when money allows) and RVE, and am wondering if the fans accompanying the RAM is good enough for cooling or if I should go for water. Everything else is water cooled via a computer controlled (Aquaero) system with 2 Aquaflow pumps and a 9x9 rad (Mora 3), so the water cooling is well about what's needed I figure. The case is a MountainMods (Ascension CYO) so it's plenty of free room for the air circulation. The controll is exstensive with temperature readings at every water cooled component as well as the room inside the case, filter, water flow and pressure meassuring at the filter (and reservoir (400ml) for check of water level).

Hello Sverre

Air cooling is fine, ddr4 ram is low voltage the only reason to water cool them would be for looks. EK has some nice ram blocks, here is a build with the monarch x4 nickel clean ram blocks.


Level 9
I have them, used them on my last build, but with tubing it gets a bit messy. Next build will be with acrylic tubes, then I'll definately go for it. 🙂