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AIOC strange behavior ?

Level 7
Hi y'all !!

Ill start by giving you my config;

I9 13900K
Maximus Hero z690 (2103)
Corsair H150i elite LCD
G.Skill DDR5 6400 (2 x 16 gb)
Strix RTX 3080
Asus THOR 1200 psu
WD SN850X 2TB nvme
Windows 11 Pro
Thermaltake Core P3 Pro
(everything/driver is up to date)

Now, AIOC.... Turned it on and it does a pretty good job, cpu spikes to 6ghz, pretty sweet.

So I fired up a couple of benches and the scores did improve from stock (geekbench/Cinebench R23/3D Mark), not in a insane way but they did none the less. I was taking a look at the temps and wow, in the corner of my eye I see my VCORE is between 1.45v and 1.48v at idle :eek: Ain't that excessive ? I mean at stock I undervolt it by 0.055 and i'm at maybe 1.21v without a significant loss in bench scores, about 200 points in CineBench. For some reason the bench that benefits the most out of AIOC is 3D Mark, getting about 1000 points more, anyway...


Something strange is going on or my understanding is just out of wack but when running Cinebench R23, the CPU never goes over 5.5ghz and the vcore drops to 1.25. It also never throttles, temps stay under 90.

So my questions are;

- Is 1.48v something I can keep 24/7 ( temps are ok at idle, 35-40 and 90 max at 100% load ) ?
- Why is Cinebench acting like that, normal behavior ?

*Bonus question lol; For some reason, I can't use Intel XTU, the watchdog driver can't be installed. Tried everything, contacted Intel and they say the problem is on Asus side. If you have pointers, would really appreciate it. I really want to do a manual overclock with XTU but don't want to lock up the pc and format if it loops because of the settings not reverting.

PC runs fine, stable, good temps. Main usage for this PC is gaming, nothing too heavy on the cpu.

Thanks guys !

Super Moderator

AI OC will scale depending on the stock VID and available thermal headroom. Set VID behaviour to trained as recommended in the AI Tweaker menu.

You can also experiment with Best case scenario and retest stability.*
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090