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AI Suite AI Overclocking Not Stable

Level 7
I recently set up a new build with a Maximus XI Code and a 9700k. I don't believe I won the lottery as I can't even seem to get the chip to 5.0ghz no matter what manual bios settings I use. In my testing I decided to enable the AI Suite AI Overclocking to see what it sets everything at and for some reason when enabled it will assign 5.2ghz on base and turbo clocks, which there is no way this chip can handle it. Heck, it won't even boot to windows when set that way. Why would it be trying to clock the 9700k so much when there is no way it can handle it? Another thing I noticed is that even if I set the CPU mode to auto instead of AI Optimized it will set the base and turbo to 4.9ghz each. Shouldn't the base be 3.6ghz and the turbo be 4.9ghz per Intel's specs when everything is set to Auto in the bios? Running latest firmware 0602 as well.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Level 8
check out my settings with 9900K, may be it can help you a bit
in short - try to set vcore in adaptive mode and dont forget LLC
dont care about IO and SA voltages, just set them at default values (0,95V IO, 1,05V SA) and memory timings leave as they are, at least for now

Level 7
Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up disabling all AI overclocking because it just wouldn't automatically use settings that would work on my processor. After changing everything to manual it's working great with a 5.0/4.8 ATX overclock.