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AI Suite 3 CPU strap error?

Level 7

I've been overclocking my new build and it was going quite well until I hit 4.8 ghz. That wasn't stable and I thought 1.43V was already enough for my cooling system. (full specs below). So i decided to use a BCLK of 125 using the cpu strap and a multiplier of 38 to get 4.75 ghz which seemed to be stable with temps around 56 C. However, when I opened AI suite 3 which came with my Rampage Iv Extreme black the CPU performance increase read only 06% when when I was using 100mhz BCLK and a 48 multiplier it was about 38%. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something in terms of how performance is calculated on a CPU? Is it not as simple as plain GHZ? Or is this just a bug in AI suite? And is there a way to fix it?

Thank you very much for reading. Appreciate your input.

MoBo= Rampage Extreme IV Black Edition (Bios version 0403)
CPU = i7 4960x (Both 8 pin and 4 pin being used)
CPU Cooler = Corsair h100i (Top of case intake, 2 x 120 fans, configured in push)
RAM = 32 gb Kingston HyperX Beast black (configured in 4 channel)
PSU = Corsair AX860i
Graphics = 1x ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum (Overclocked to 1230 mhz, running at 16x, 4 pin molex AUX power NOT used on board)
Boot Drive = ROG Raidr PciE SSD 225 gb
Storage = 4TB WD Black
Case = Cooler Master Cosmos 2
Replaced Fans: 200mm Bitfinex Spectre Pro (front intake), 2 X Cooler master Turbine master (side exhaust), NZXT FX120 (top exhaust), NZXT FX140 (rear exhaust)
Misc: NZXT HUE, Pioneer BluRay Writer, HyperX Ram Cooler