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AI overclocking makes it slower & more power hungry - Linux support?

Level 8


I have a ROG STRIX X670E-E, AMD 7950X CPU with newest 1602 BIOS, 192GB RAM running Debian Linux - doing "number-crunching" (large scale map data processing). Everything runs stable and smooth.

Now, as I already have this nice motherboard, I decided to give "AI overclocking" a try, but my experience was not really satisfying. I used my own application as benchmark (runs 5h: first 1.5 h it is running on 1 core, the rest is multi-core capable and pushes to 100% CPU for 3.5 h, all 16 cores are maxed out).

Now as a baseline (before enabling AI overclock), I got a runtime of 299 minutes. Temperature of the CPU was around 95°C so I guess I ran into thermal throttling.

After I enabled AI and run the benchmark several times (always rebooted to BIOS after each try), the runtime of my benchmark INCREASED - it is always around 310 - 315 minutes now - so 5% slower. Temperature is lower, approx. 85°C now - so there is still some thermal headroom, I guess.

Also the IDLE power (= running Linux, CPU load is almost 0%) was 47W before, now it is 62W.

My questions:

  • Has anyone also used Linux - or is AI overclocking a Windows only thing?
  • Do I have to go into BIOS now-and-then, so new settings/learning get applied? Or is it just "tuning" in the background if enabled?
  • Can I still change other parameters in overclocking (e.g. enabling C-States or Medium-Load-Boostit) or will that disable AI Overclocking?
  • Why is the temperature of the CPU lower now, I like to get to the 95°C limit? (My fan setup reached 153 points in BIOS)
  • Why is IDLE power jumping from 47W to 62W - does this AI feature use so much processing power internally? Or what is using that power?

Level 10

I don't have your board, but on my z790 Hero you can enable AI Overclocking in the bios.

This is what I did, I enabled AI Overclocking in the BIOS - but as I was getting worse results, I was thinking if the training phase (when booted) only works for Windows?

Level 10

Sorry, I honestly don't know how much "training" the Asus software does within the operating system for the overclock.  But generally speaking, you will find a better overclock by doing it manually in the Bios instead of using AI Overclock which is a lot more involved of course.