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After Video Card Upgrade, DVI Signal Gets Lost...

Level 7
I just upgraded my video cards to 2 x Titan Black Edition in SLI.

Everything seems fine, except I happened to leave the room while my computer idling, and when I returned some 20 minutes later I found my monitor black. I turned the monitor off and on again, and it reported no DVI signal. My computer was still running, and nothing seemed to be overheated - I touched the heat sinks on the CPU and video cards to check. So I pressed to reset button to reboot, and it was back to normal. It did tell me that Windows was improperly shut down, which of course it was because I reset it because I could not see the display.

Any idea why these video cards in SLI would suddenly stop outputting a DVI signal? I'd appreciate any feedback on this. I'm running an ASUS Rampage IV extreme, BIOS version 49.01.

Thanks for any thoughts on what could cause this.

Level 7
Update: I believe this is a "never mind." I discovered that a new default power plan is installed on my machine. And in that plan, the monitor is set to go to sleep after 15 minutes of non activity, which fits the time frame I was away from my machine... I was surprised because I had my previous power plan set to never put the monitor to sleep. I'm just not sure where this new power plan came from, but in any case it seems to be nothing to worry about.