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Adaptive Voltage Not Working

Level 7
I've overclocked my 4790k to 4.7Ghz @1.280v on a ASUS Maximus VII Hero with complete stability and good temperatures. After getting everything settled, I've looked to save some power and lower the idle temperatures of my cores by switching from manual voltage mode to adaptive voltage mode.

The issue that I'm having is that neither my clock speeds nor my core voltage are being lowered when I'm on the desktop doing very little to nothing at all, even though I've now switched to adaptive mode (and have power saving settings turned on in the BIOS -- a screenshot can be provided if needed, but everything in the bios was simply left to default except for the few things I changed while overclocking originally).

After boot up, within the first 5 minutes or so of idling on the desktop, my voltages and clock speeds seem to be behaving as they should; they aren't running at full speed. (Screenshot of correct idle below)


After that first 5 minutes or so, my CPU's clock speed and core voltage runs at full speed even though nothing has changed -- I'm still idling. (Screenshot of this below)


As you can see, the temperature difference is pretty large, which is why I'd really like to get this working properly.

Here's a screenshot of my adaptive voltage mode settings in the bios as well.


I've done the following already :
1.) Used both (+/-) offset modes
2.) Clean reinstalled Windows 7
3.) Used auto offset mode
4.) Set my Windows power plan to "Balanced"

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm also willing to accept that I'm misunderstanding how adaptive even works!

Hi Rime97

Welcome to the ROG forum !

You'll want the windows power plan set to balanced when using adaptive mode, check this and report if this gets your cpu to throttle down.

Level 7

Rime97 wrote:
4.) Set my Windows power plan to "Balanced"

I actually already have. Power plan is "Balanced"; minimum processor state = 10%.

All right

There could be something running in the back ground putting a little load on your cpu, check the cpu usage while idling at the desktop.

When my processor is properly downclocking and undervolting in that first 5 minute period that I talked about, the CPU usage is under 10%, even getting as low as 3%.

Once my processor goes to full speed and stays there while idling, the CPU usage is about 10-14%.

The thing that really gets me about this is that I just reinstalled Windows 7 and this still happened when the only thing that I had installed was chrome, certain drivers from the motherboard website, a graphics driver and AIDA64 to check voltages/clock speeds (I haven't been running any tests with it since switching off of manual voltage).

Yeah whatever is putting a 10%-14% load on your cpu is making it run at full speed.

Do you have any suggestions on where to look for help about this?

I'm really lost. I can do nothing but turn my computer on, open nothing and have nothing open automatically on boot up and this will still happen after several minutes.

Yes, open up task manger Ctrl+Alt+Del and click the processes tab, this will show you what program is putting a load on your cpu in %.


I don't see anything that should be causing a problem. I might try restarting my computer then just watching the processes tab, seeing if anything appears when my CPU starts running at full speed.

That sounds like a great idea, let me know what you find.

When taking this screenshot was your cpu idling at 800MHz ?