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Adaptive VCore Voltage vs. OC Voltage

Level 10

Can someone help me understand the relationship b/t Adaptive Core Voltage and the setting OC Voltage? I have a reasonable 5ghz overclock on my I7-9700K in ROG z390-F mb using mostly Auto settings, but this required Load Level 7 (4.9ghz fine at LL6). I see significant vcore spikes under load (1.45) w/LL7 so was hoping thaty reducing OC Voltage in the AI Tweaker would help, but I'm not sure it does.

BIOS Auto settings selects Adaptive/1.3 OC Voltage. I've started reducing that and stress testing. Down to 1.250 OC Voltage but no change on the spikes. Should I expect lower OC Voltage settings to affect Adaptive vcore w/LL7??

Level 10
Hi there,

LLC8 is producing more spike than 7. 7 More than 6.
Lower LLC to 6, maybe even 5 AND raise vcore a little.

Come back to us after checking for spikes, heat and stability.

Rgds Carlyle

...I assume:
...that OC voltage maybe simply the same as turbo voltage.
😉 For you that means the vcore setting that is needed after the standard 3,6 Ghrz for a 9700k is raised.

Level 11
Asus load line level 6 = perfect only max 0.016 v drop and only at the vay most 0.016 v spike .

adpative mode with ia/dc @ 0.01 each and LL level 6 with avx offset = 0

you will see up to 0.040 v spikes nothing you do will fix it ! so you run 1.30 v adaptive under avx loads in games and other apps
you will see 1.340 v spikes .

there is 2 ways around it

1) this one is the best way

set a avx offset of = 1 doing this will net a max of 0.016 v spike vs 0.40 v spike with out avx offset !

so 1.30 v + 0.016 spike = 1.316 v thats totaly fine .

seting a avx offset of = 2 will net you no voltage spike under avx loads ! you test your self no avx , avx 1 or avx 2 for your self i spent days figuring it out

option 2 ) do not set a avx offset in adaptive mode use adaptive offset negative symbol - and take away what its spiking you so - 0.040 v
this will take away the spike volt but also take away 0.040 v from your set 1.30 v so 1.26v - 1.30 v

i use option 1 with - 1 avx u get power saving and a high oc i run 5.1 ghz / 5.0 ghz under avx @ 1.280 v and i spike uip to 1.296 v under avx loads ( 0.016 v )

hope this saves u some time scratching your head
13900 ks @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.1 R | 4.5 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,400 c16 G1 | RTX 4090 | XG27AQN 1440P 27" 360Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

4.9ghz all cores works prefectly at LLC 6 and default adaptive voltage w/very little heat, but I had no luck at all w/5ghz all core until I saw that the %G profile in the BIOS was setting LLC to 7. Now 5G is just fine, but temps are much higher so hoping to do what I can w/LLC 7 to lower temps. No temp problems during normal use, only when maxxing out.

So I think, if I understand correctly, I should keep keep Adaptive and LLC 7 is required but now try to find the lowest possible OC Voltage setting that's stable? Or that doesn't matter, b/c Adaptive voltage is gonna crank to 1.4ish when BIOS thinks it needs to?


Level 13
LLC is to mitigate Vdroop run as low as you can. im at 5 on a 9940X. id dump thr llc to 5 then dump volts as low as you can go. llc past 6 wiil case some pretty serious spikes no matter the vcore. its just to keep the droop from dumping you.

Also my opinion, dump the AI Suite and do all this in the BIOS.

Yeah, I use ai Suite and Intel xtu just quick and easy testing, then go back and set options back in the bios itself. I'll give llc 6 and mahbe lower another shot, but I had no luck getting all cores part 4.9 regardless of manual voltage although I think I stopped at 1

Level 10
Another culprit for spikes is the use of adaptive vcore in the first place.
I run manual with all other power saving functions on (800-5000Mhz).

Well I've definitely determined that LLC7 is required for my particular I7-9700K to do 5ghz all cores. Even LLC6 is needed to reliably to 4.9ghz all cores. But I haven't tried manual voltage w/LLC7 so will fiddle with that. But I do like seeing really low voltages when idle so let me see how low I can go w/manual and LLC7. Thanks for the help.