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Adaptive and Offset voltage are broken with CLX ?

Level 7

I recently OC my 10920X on Asus STRIX II (latest BIOS), so I started by finding the good voltage in manual mode.
Now, I have find the min voltage to my 4,8ghz, I don’t want to keep this voltage when computer is idleing so I tried offset and adaptive but this mode not working at all, right ??
Any workaround ?
Thank you !*

Level 12
Adaptive should bring the voltages down at idle. What are you using to verify voltages? Is the clock speed down to 800mhz roughly at idle state? All you changed after you got into Bios is load optimized settings and then only the voltages and nothing else?
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Yes voltage are going down at idle (I keep intel speedstep, etc...), but at load I got 1.45v !

I made some try, i need 1.22v to my OC in manual mode.
So I set Adaptive (+) 0.010v and Additionnal Turbo mode to 1.21v so adpative seems works, but not as intended:
On windows I get 1.45v....

So I tried adaptive: offset (-) 0.200, my voltage is going down in load (and in idle) but for idle is two much, so I crash, because this offset applied on idle too.

Is someone able to get adaptive working on this plateform with CLX CPU ?
I mean how this thing could be broken, i can't believe it...

Or it is me ? :confused: