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9900k OC SVID Behavior interaction Manual vs Adaptive?

Level 7
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forums but have been reading lots. Thank you all for your posts, super helpful!

Recently I've gotten a 9900k at 5.0ghz No AVX Offset stable using 1.375v manual/locked voltage on a XI HERO. LLC 5. Cache 45.

I also have SVID enabled with Best Case Scenario. I've read in a few places that SVID is used more for Adaptive setups but I don't understand the interaction.

My questions are these:

Can SVID be used in Manual/Locked voltages? Is there any issues or benefits to be aware of?

Should I consider an Adaptive setup? Why or Why not?

Any replies would be super apricated. If there's any questions about my setup please let me know.


Level 10
Adaptive runs cooler in idle, so why not?

In short:
SVID is like voltage cheat table.
You of course try to use the best cheat table first - best case cenario.
It uses the least amount of voltage for the given multiplier.
But the rig and the componenst must be up to the task.

Set Adaptive 1.35 + 0.025 offset and check HWinfo before and after in idle and on load.

Set this to produce less heat:
Systen Agent - 1.2
Vccio 1.25
Less than Auto - should be enough, still

Test out:
A/C loadline: Auto VS 0.01 - helps to crop the cheat table a bit = less heat but maybe instability.

Test out: AI Cooler points: set to 165 and lock it.
Simply to have the same readouts in the bios concerning the voltage prognosis (lower right corner) - since you are testing.