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9900K Gaming Temp and VCore

Level 8
Hey Guys,

I have a 9900K, Kraken X72, 3200mhz Ram and 2080 TI. While gaming I’m hovering around 55c-65c while gaming with a Vcore that is mostly at 1.243 with occasional spikes to 1.279 max. I was just wondering if these temps and vcore are acceptable. The CPU isn’t OC, I’m just boosting to 4700mhz all cores (so stock).

Currently this is what I have set in the BIOS:

XMP I Enabled
MCE - Disabled (Intel stock boost)
CPU VCCIO Voltage: 1.15v
CPU System Agent Voltage: 1.15v

*I don’t plan on really Overclocking the CPU, I just want to have my XMP profile on and safe temps/vcore.

Level 12
Those temps are completely safe.