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9700kf undervolting

Level 7
Hi there guys.
I just made my new long awaited build and trying to undervolt cpu to reduce temps a bit. Here is my settings:
Multiplier: Auto
AVX: 0
MCE: Auto
SVID Support: Enabled
VCCIO: 0.95
VCCSA: 1.05
Long Duration Package Power Limit: 4095
Package Power Time Window: 127
Short Duration Package Power Limit: 4095
Ia ac\dc loadline: 0.01
Svid behavior: best case scenario
Cpu core/cache limit max: 255
System is stable at 1.22 manual vcore LLC 5 but surely i wont use manual. Pref adaptive or offset. Here is options i found:
1. Adaptive 1.22 LLC 4 offset -0.05
2. Adaptive 1.22 LLC 5 offset -0.47
3. Offset -0.05 LLC 5
I would go with option 2. But im not sure what i actually did things right way. My old system was very old without offset/adaptive vcore voltages just manual. And now its more complicated. As long as i understand i cant set adaptive less that VID so only way to reduce it is add offset or lower LLC - so i did.
Second problem - i cant understand how MCE stuff working. At first i turned it off and removed all limits, but i noticed my core speeds never go above 4900 even when running single thread tests like super pi. MCE enabled just run all cores at max multiplier- 4900 so as i expected. With MCE on auto everything work fine but i just dont understand how it works. I tried changing multipliers per core manually with no success. I just want to run it at intel specs but without power limits: 1 core 4900 2-4800 3-4 -4700 etc. I did read a lot of stuff about MCE on web, even here on forum but still could not understand it. May be some1 could link a good undervolt guide on web but i need fresh one, i searched web already.
My system:
CPU: 9700kf
Mobo: Maximus xi apex bios 1302
RAM: G skill 3200 c14
PSU: Corsair ax1000
Cooler: Noctua d15s