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8700K stock vs delid temps?

Level 8
I'm looking for some comparison/data for the 8700K delidded vs stock. Are there any compilation threads or good articles that do specific comparisons? Is it generally accepted that the stock chips get considerably high temperatures when pushing through the stock 4.7Ghz? I would really just like a more informed indication of what sort temps the stock chips are seeing when overclocked and even at at stock frequencies for high load and gaming temps to make a better decision whether investing in a delidded chip is for me. Cheers.

Level 14
You can find detailed temperature comparisons by googling, it can be 10 to 20 degrees difference, every setup is different so you can find numbers that justify anything you want, only your results mater, your choice in cooling will make a big difference
One of the reasons I delid is with the lower temps I can lower the speed of all the fans in my case not only the ones on the cooler and have a much more enjoyable experience
I have found the 8700K to be so quick at default speed that it is difficult to tell any difference when OCed except benchmark numbers

Level 10
4.7 is not stock
I just run all cores at 4.7 with lower fan speeds and call it a day. A less noisy day. Max 69-70 Celsius load (no delid)

Deepcuts wrote:
4.7 is not stock
I just run all cores at 4.7 with lower fan speeds and call it a day. A less noisy day. Max 69-70 Celsius load (no delid)

It's the stock boost... Is the 70C a benchmark load? What are your gaming temps at 4.7 and what voltage? So do the temps really ramp up with the 8700K at a certain voltage or clock speed or both? I thought there was some hype around the chip running undesirably hot even at the stock 4.7 but it appears to be not until you run them at 5Ghz+ that delidding becomes more important..

Level 10
4.7Ghz is boost on only one core. What Asus does with MCE is called overclocking 🙂
In my setup, voltage for 4.7Ghz is 1.180V.
I get small spikes to 69-70 Celsius while doing long encodes with Handbrake, but the cores stay at ~60-65 Celsius for the most part.
In demanding games, I would say the same temperatures. Maybe a couple of deg. less. Because even tho CPU won't be hammered the same, the GPU will. Thus increased temps.
I tried going above but at least for me, the increased temperatures and noise levels are not worth it.
I keep all my Noctua case fans at ~700-800 rpm no matter the temperatures and my two Industrial Noctua fans for Kraken X62 at max 1000 rpm. All 6 fans 140mm.
Under load I get max 30 Decibels measured just outside the case (intake holes)