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8700k overclock 5,3 all core

Level 7
Hi, my name is David, I'm new
core i7-8700k 3. 7ghz turbo 4. 7ghz
asus rog maximus x hero z370
g skill 3600 cl15
refrigeracion liquida cryoring a80 hibrida
torre corsair 740 air flow
fuente de alimentacion corsair rm850i 850w 80 plus gold
disco duro nvme samsung 500gb 960 evo
disco duro wd 1tb
msi gtx 1080 ti 11gb oc armor

I have little time to devote the computer but I am very happy with the performance, currently 6 cores at 5,3ghz with good temperature, in 3dmark firestrike 26342 points using 5300 all cores soon I try to outdo myself.
I would like to know if the app 5 way asus can become dangerous?? since it tests me above 6ghz, Is it normal to test these frequencies? dangerous?
attached video.
I got ram overclock 4000mhz cl16 and gtx 1080 ti vcores 24% Power 117 core 150 mem 580 stable but it does not improve the performance, I would also like to know if raising the voltage lowers the performance? with low voltage my 8700k seems to yield more