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8700k core suddenly 20c hotter than others on idle

Level 10
Just after some help.

I have a delidded 8700k which i got from overclockers about 3 years ago, with a Maximus X Formula.
The 8700k was a binned cpu which they added liquid metal under the ihs.
Everything has been rock solid until the other day where i noticed one of my cores is now 20c hotter than the others on idle! It was never like this before?

I stripped it down and replaced the LM with thermal grizzly stuff. And did new tm (not LM!) for the waterblock etc. But its made no difference.

Is that supposed to happen? Its odd that it just happened out of the blue?

On idle it is 20c hotter but on load it is about 9c hotter? What could cause this core to suddenly idle so high?

I have updated to the latest BIOS to see if that helped and still no luck?

I was also starting to getting bsod when running prime on my 5ghz overclock? So I have upped the Vcore a little and is now stable @ 1.392
Is this the sign of a failing chip? I was using 1.335vcore for 5ghz before, and all was fine.
VCCIO and VCCSA have always been set to 1.000v too.
800D/Asus Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition/i73930K @ 5.2/ Kingston Hyper X Beast 32GB 2400/ STRIX 1080TI OC, EK Nickel Plexi CPU block, No Rad + No Fans :D, Alphacool D5 Pump.. HC 500A chiller @ 4C - Max load temp @ 5.2 = 55c. Lowest Core Idle Temp = 3c

Level 7
If you are not using LM between the chip ad IHC that might help increase the temps a bit. It is recommended to replace the LM after the 1st year and then you should be good till the next upgrade. BSOD's means your getting unstable but I do not see why a chip would degrade that fast tbh. Rads or fin stack clogged?