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8 Pack and Hivizman LN2 benching session 10 WR's

Level 40
Thanks to all the guys following our progress on Live stream sorry for the rubbish picture most of the time, have sourced a way better cam and am busy testing different live stream options.

Here is a summary of what was achieved:

4 Way R290X, 4930K 6150, Cortsair Dominator plats C9 2730+, Superflower and Antec PSU's

ASUS RIVE BE motherboard was incredible the entire 4 days. Ran non-stop 8-10 hours a day with the CPU at -187'C.

4 Way

3D Mark 11 4 card and global WR 41633

3D MarK Firestrike 4 card and global WR 34710

3D Mark Firstrike Xtreme 2nd best score ever hardware world record. 21890

3D mark Vantage second best score ever. 96809

3D mark cloud gate number second best four card score: 56090

3 Way

3D Mark 11 world record for three cards 33216

3D Mark Firestrike Xtreme 3 card world record 17746

3D Mark Firestrike 3 card world record 29951

Vantage 3 card world record: 94269

Cloud Gate 3 card WR and Global World record for any config:56557

2 Way

3D mark 11 2 card world record:33216

3D Mark Firestrike 2 card world record: 24674

3D mark Firestrike Xtreme 2 Card WR: 12911

3D mark Cloud gate 2 card WR:52462

A couple of pics!! The RAM in one of the later shots still frozen after a blast with the hair dryer!!

The Firestrike Extreme Dual card record is dedicated to Dartmaul with apologies.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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Great guys..

U know how to take it to the max......

Not far from 100k in Vantage, how many FPS in Jane Nash? 2K?


Level 13
Freakin awesome Guy's

Congrats for sure. That must be better than porn cause I got wood! lol

Thanks for sharing

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meankeys wrote:
That must be better than porn cause I got wood! lol

Twitching in the old cougar stretcher? :cool:

Level 14
Awesome benching, hats off to you guys, watched a little of it

Level 11
Wow really nice scores dude..
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Level 13
Really well done, Gratz to you both 😄

Level 40
Fantastic stuff! And was good fun to guys made it look deceptively easy....can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be learning this stuff from the best. Congratulations HiVizMan and 8 Pack!

Level 11
yes congrats for the scores and W.R.
enjoyed watching the live streams a lot ; -)

Level 13
Well gents, whats more to say!!!! Awesome, Incredible, hardworking and successful!!! Congrats mates!