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7950X Never clocks over 5.5 ghz.

Level 7

Hello, I have an Asus  670E Proart Creator Wifi with a 7950X.

The cpu is watercooled, and cpu temp never goes above 86c even after 12 hours of cpu stress testing. I have an extremely large radiator.

My problem is, this cpu will not go over 5.5 gigahertz on any core. My old cpu, was a 7600X and it would clock up to 5.7 ghz out of the box.

What could the problem be?

I am now on bios 14.15 and the cpu behaves the same.


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Hello, @SleptOver .

We have discussions on your topic in ROG Discussions > Overclocking & Tweaking.
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Level 11

Maybe just a bad luck in the silicon lottery? Could you try with another 7950x? What are your PBO and CO settings?

Level 7

I have no idea, I thought these should do at least 5.7 ghz on some cores if given enough cooling?  It seems welded to 5.5 ghz.  Like, in Jedi Survivor, the cpu sits at 54c and 5.5 ghz on all cores.   It says 5.7 ghz on the box.

Beyond enabling expo1 in the bios, I have not tweeked the cpu.

And no, I do not have a spare 7950x laying around to test.

Level 11

Have you enabled PBO and the Curve Optimizer manually? As far as I know, setting the profile to EXPO I doesn't do this, it is targeted at overclocking the memory, not the CPU.

In general, check this article, it might be helpful to you if you decide to boost your CPU to the limit, there are several ways to do that: SkatterBencher #45: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Overclocked to 5950 MHz - SkatterBencher

Also, I suppose that you are taking the readings through HWINFO which shows the max frequency reached per core?

Level 7

Indeed, I am using HWinfo. I have not enabled PBO or Curve Optimizer manually, I was under the impression that the cpu should boost to 5.7 ghz out of the box without any extra settings? I mean, the old 7600X hit ....5.7 ghz at times, and it ran on the same motherboard, with the same ram and settings otherwise?  

Level 11

Yeah, I agree. It sounds disappointing. What were the temperatures with 7600X? As a 6-core processor (if I am not wrong), it should be a cooler processor and boost to higher frequencies more generously. On the other hand, 7950X should be designed to reach those higher frequencies by default. It might be due to more conservative settings in the latest BIOS versions, related to SOC voltages, etc, that doesn't allow your current CPU to boost so much.

Level 7


I enabled PBO and it seems to have made no difference.

I am also seeing weird results in 3dmark: 

Temperatures for the 7600X was about the same as for the 7950X

Hi, Just helped a fellow member at AMD Red Team Community, I'll copy the post here.
You can mess with Curve Optimizer to get more juice.

@Englishman_Xper  wrote:

Hi, You can visit my thread "RAPHAEL", I'm constantly tweaking the 7950X as I wish to learn how much can I squeeze without too much pressure on the 240 Radiator AIO.

The best I got so far with a 36K (almost 37K) on cinebench, which is tad less than completely stock. This is the combo of tweaks:

EcoMode 105
Curve Optimizer all core -6
vCore Offset -0.08v
vSoC 1.2v

All CCD1 cores will still push past 5.7Ghz and the max temp while rendering on DaVinci Resolve will be 78ºC Peak. Gaming at 60ºC and that is super comfy.

I can do better but I can't seem to get -15 Curve Optimizer stable on All Core so I'll have to to a per core Curve Optimizer. If I can go -20 on some and -10 on others I may be able to push past 38K on Cinebench

Beware, Curve Optimizer can put your VRM's to the test