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7700k OC mystery

Level 7
Hi everyone.

My 7700k runs at 4.7ghz, 1.26V
Ram 3600mhz, 1.35V (manualy set)

Usually I play witcher 3 all the evening no problem.

Yesterday I have installed HOB. A sega 16-bit game in terms of graphics against the witcher.

2 strange things are happening:

1. CPU temp is the same as in witcher. (But after experiencing the "heat-spike issue" I can understand this). 70-73c on Core / 56-65 CPU temp.
2. After 30-40 minutes of playing the PC freezes dead. This I can not understand. Witcher, doom, play well, but a simple game causes BSODs.

I have set the XMP profile on (so I can use full speed of RAM) and have set the CPU to 4.6Ghz @ 1.25V adaptive (Or should I set to Auto?).
No freezes....

*Back in the days I had a 3770k. That system was freezing too, with XMP turned on. So current freezes are 99% related to OCing.

Advice plz!

Level 7
Hi, have seen your achievements, looks great!

I don't trust that "smart" thing too much to. But it does help me to keep my CPU a bit cooler. 7700k is pretty warm, compared to what I had before it, so i'm doing all i can to keep it away from boiling.
I don't push my CPU pass 5ghz like Nate152, but i think that I can let mysefl to have a ~200-300mhz OC for buying a 450 eur MOBO and a K index CPU.

I have noticed, that there is a lot of talking about LLC.
Mine is on Auto. Should I touch it?
4.7 (1.26v) ghz is pretty much stable. But 4.8 (1.28v) freezes after 30-40mins of Witcher3.