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6600k and z170 pro gaming, stable overclock settings?

Level 7

hi, actually i'm running this cpu at 4.4hz and 1.25v, but sometimes happen that during games there are freeze, and i must press the power button for 5-10 seconds for power off totally the pc (the restart button don't do nothing when there is this freeze)
i suspect that the problem could be some wrong settings with the overclock, what do you suggest me to do?


Level 7

Level 7

oh yeah and that actually sounds more like a ram hanging issue. and keep in mind as with other CPUs, the maximum overclock depends on how good your chip is. For some people, the system crashes if the clock speed passes 4.4 GHz, while for others, the system stays stable, even at 4.8 GHz. So you will need to experiment a bit to know how far you can overclock the processor.  some important things to keep in mind 

  • The default multiplier of the i5 6600k is 35, but you can increase it to 42 and even more than that with the right setup. Some people can get it up to 48, too.
  • Whenever you increase the multiplier, don’t forget to increase the voltage, too. So, for instance, a 6600k running at 4.2 GHz will need a voltage of around 1.25-1.26V.
  • Each chip is different, and you will need to experiment a bit to find the highest stable overclock speed.
  • To do so, you will have to increase the multiplier and voltage by a small amount and stress test it for stability. If the system is stable, increase both parameters and test again. Keep doing so until you find the highest stable value.