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5960x Cache Overclock + Stress Test - HELP

Level 7
Hi guys

posting here after a long time. needed some help deciding what would be best to test overclocked cache on a 5960x. i tried p95 small FFT disregarding what everyone else was saying about the temp issue and immediately turned it off after seeing temps reaching ~85C. Ive used realbench, aida, 3dmark, unigine and memtest. used memtest for ram. reached 1100% deemed it stable. none of them have given a definite solution. was playing witcher 3 and it froze after an hours time. cache is at 3.75 with +.16, ram at 3000 +1.37, cpu at 4.2 +.18, vccsa +.18. Can anyone give me an idea of how much vcache is needed for 3.75, like a general value. i can work from there and what test would be the best to test the overclocked cache. Please feel free to correct me on the voltages.


Level 13
Firstly P95=How to turn PC into space heater. Its does no real world testing. Just provides heat on a cold day.

Every chip is different you just have to find the sweet spot for yours. MOBOs can be a limiting factor as well.
What are you using for cooling?
The freezing after an hour could be memory, buffer over runs, insufficient setting of the virtual memory, HDD issues or MOBO components like the VRMs heating up. CPU and Ram issues normally present themselves within a few minutes.

I normally start with CPU first and clock it as high as I can get it stable, then cache, then ram, then video cards.
First sign of instability something needs toning down a bit.

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Level 15

yep. thank you for the replies. just had to match min cache ratio with max cache ratio. tried all voltages here and there and then 'memory bandwidth' just struck my mind. researched about skylake having better ddr4 support, saw the cache clocks on those and tried to keep mine steady. worked. 3 hours. now thats enough right with aida64. yea. aida works. hehe.

and as for magic numbers it was one of your guides chino that helped me oc my ram. u used 1.14v and then said SA voltage is varying and not linear so worked from there. was stable at 1.14 too but lowered and worked. just wanted to get an idea of what is a 'workable' stable value. people here have a lot more experience than i do so i just thought there might be an average of all voltages observed from where one can work things out. anyway thanks!