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3DMARK Port Royal Ray Tracing benchmark

Level 14
3DMark benchmark for those who have Nvidia RTX cards is now available if you have the Advanced version of 3Dmark

My score with following hardware and no Windows tweaks
CPU 9900K @ 5.2 AVX -2 AIO cooling
Memory @ 4266
GPU 2080ti @ GPU +115 Mem @ +700 Stock Air cooling (didn't monitor GPU speed under load)

Score 8799


Level 12
Well looks like I won’t be competing with this card:confused: ( nv Rtx 2080ti fe )
Tried everything yesterday *even put it on the chiller max score 9001, core 2070 mem 2000 any more and it crashes, clocks down into 1900 during test, max temps 30 deg.
*All I can think is maybe flash another higher power one ? And or shunt mod it( but that’s risky) or just put it on eBay and stick with my Titan v.��*♂️*

I'm still tuning the system; having some MB issues that might require a replacement from ASUS.

i9-9900K @ 4.8
32GB DDR4 @ 3000
EVGA 2080 TI XC Ultra @ 130% power + 145MHz core No memory boost
temps in the high 60s air cooled

So not pushing very hard yet

Scored 8211