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3900x with a asus rog strix x570-e gaming sata issue

Level 7
Ok i got a really wierd issue i been having trouble fixing if i overclock manualy or with asus tpu software in windows my sata is really slow like 200-300MB/s top of a 3x 500gig raid 0. But stock or boost overclocking i get 1300-1500MB/s i have tried turning tons of stuff on and off and cant seem to crack the code right now.

wierd enough for heck of it i tried a ccd overclock both at 44 same voltage all stable and sata is normal i don't know why the normal muti overclocking bugs out my board.

Level 12
What are you cooling this CPU with ?
Why bother rising it that way ?

Your better off looking into memory overclocking and rising the FCLK (infinity fabric) and leaving the cpu to do its thing.