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360hz Black Flashing screen ROG Swift - Replace your display port cable

Level 7

Making this post because I can't reply to the relevant post someone made about flashing black screen past 60+hz

If your ROG Swift (or really any) 360hz monitor is flashing black screen when you try to take it above 144hz or so, your display port cable isn't up to the task.

The display port cable that comes with these gaming monitors isn't good enough to support the 360hz that the monitor supports.

You need to buy a new, better cable (Amazon usually next-days) and your problem will be fixed.


Level 7

@Locane hello what cable did you buy exactly, because i did buy a new cable but still have the Black screen issue and the only fix so far for me is to set my refresh rate to 144hz which sucks, 

I do use Gsync at all times and have the ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN