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3 SLI GTX 980 or 2 SLI GTX 980 + Dedicated Physix

Level 7

I've been doing some test with the game Dyling Light from Techland. I'm currently running it @ 3840x2160 (4K), with 3 SLI GTX 980 Oc @ 1449 GHZ ( Gigabyte G1 Gaming )

With all settings maxed (only texture at medium), No AA. I'm getting avg 60 FPS with 3 SLI enable in the Nvidia Panel.

NOW, what its crazy is this, I enable dedicated Physix to (GTX 980 #3), so now I have a 2 WAY SLI + Dedicated Physix. With that setup I'm getting around avg. 80 FPS 😉

I've read many threads about dedicated Physix and most of them say that is not necessary, other saying its not good doing it, because it will decrease the performance ... Dont really know ...

Also, the game maybe is not supporting it well. Dont really know, I've only made that comparison with that specific game.

Does anyone know whats a game that supports well a 3 WAY SLI ?

Any comments would be great.



Hello Atovv

With PhysX enabled on gpu #3 you still have 3 way sli, the PhysX is just taking place on the 3rd gpu which is way better than 2 way sli with a dedicated PhysX card.

Crysis 3 works well with 3 way sli and so does far cry 4. I'm sure all games that support sli will work well with 3-way sli.

Level 7
Yes you are right! But its odd, because during the game play of Dyling Light with 3 GPU enable, it gets around 60 FPS AVG. But with 2 GPU + Dedicated Physix it goes around 80 FPS. Its really weird, because if it handles SLI it shouldn't matter 2 or 3 gpu´s.

That my main concern. Any clues?

In the NVidia control panel for PhysX settings I don't have the option to make a gpu dedicated for PhysX, I can only assign PhysX to a gpu or the cpu.

But I would certainly run it whichever way gives the best performance.