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2080 Ti Strix OC overclocks only to +70 MHz on the GPU

Level 7
Initially I thought I am doing something wrong. But the card just won't run stable above that, even with power and voltage limit maxed out. This seems really odd to me.

Level 7
I have to agree with pegnose.

We pay premium for a card and should deliver accordingly.

I also have the Strix and I run +150MHZ core and +750MHZ memory and I'm happy with it. Running around 2100MHZ in games. Got lucky in the lottery but it was my second card. The first one I couldn't touch the memory at all.

Pay premium for a good card. If not better return and pay less for a even better card.

Level 12
The only speeds that are guaranteed are the speeds printed in the specifications on the box. Strix 2080 Ti cards already run well above Nvidia's baseline speeds. Other brands with improved cooling have similarly offered products. Any speeds ABOVE what the advertised specifications are for the GPU are not guaranteed and are simply luck of the draw. Those of us in this hobby for some time know this. It's not a conspiracy.

Yes, buying a good brand GPU with quality components and cooling may increase your odds of a higher clocking card. That's why these products sell. At a minimum, you will get the speeds advertised (or be eligible for an RMA). No offense to the OP here, but whether you get another Strix or another brand, it will still be a crap shoot.

If you want improve your chances of winning the silicon lottery, buy your hardware from large retailers instead of going to boutique shops. This will reduce the possibility of having stock being "gone through" and having the best items already cherry picked out. Most GPUs come sealed you see a lot less chip binning with GPUs versus CPUs from the boutiques.

Funny side note, my current 9900k that does 5.2Ghz at 1.35v was bought retail from Newegg and completely outperforms the chip I had acquired from Silicon Lottery (which I subsequent sold). That's the lottery my friend.

Level 13
Thats the nature of the beast when it comes to overclocking and its only gotten worse. Back in the day there were steppings with production runs printed on the die or heat spreader. One could know just by looking whether or not the chip had a chance, not so any longer. Either pay for a bin from a place like SL or roll the dice that you are among 50 other people who are returning cards/chips in the same stockpile of 51. I was extremely lucky on this build to get a 9940X that does 4.8Ghz and two, not one but two, 2080Ti strix cards that do +150 no sweat. Last time around with the 1080 cards my luck was OK but not great. 1740 was it. With my tweo new cards and NVlink and +1800 I can get a solid unwavering 2050. I can clock it up a bit and hit power limit and get to 2100 peaks but whats the point when I can do 2050 and stay just under the power limit.

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